Cultural Change & Offshore development

Any Web Development Company faces lot of troubles in offshore works one of these is introducing agile methods in web development as it involves lot of cultural change. Due to this Companies have problems with adopting agile methods. Mostly companies operate with a command and control model in which make decisions and lower level people work them out. Agile methods can be adopted in environment with more autonomy and decision making by those working at basic level.

Clients working with offshore Web Development Company need to be cautious about this tendency and think seriously about when any Company working for them is passively agreeing. In addition clients need be wary of sounding authoritative as it reinforces this kind of situation. While choosing offshore company, one must carefully think abut the work culture and environment of the company. Now days may companies are focusing on making more flexible work environment as it is favorable to progress in agile methods. Another aspect of for this is quite tough and takes a lot of time. One can never assume that problems will be raised, even when they are spotted because making people used to a distributed control style of management requires long span of time.

This seems to be a big problem in US & European based companies, but same is with Asian Companies as Asian cultures reinforce deference to seniors. In Asian region    mainly Indian companies working on offshore projects management is some thing to “Take control”. Here people are often discouraged from asking questions, discussing problems, warning about unfeasible deadlines, or proposing alternatives to perceived instructions from seniors.

The most positive aspect of this change management is as soon as people realize they have the freedom, and the responsibility, of making decisions – they seem to really relish it. This autonomy is a great motivator, allowing people to be both more productive and able to grow into greater responsibility. Offshore Web Development Company members gain the trust the understanding to make decisions instead of waiting for the Client, which causes a lot of delays. As far as India culture is concerned people are much more likely to raise issues if they have a good personal relationship.


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